C++ <cfenv> header

The <cfenv> declares a set of functions to work with floating-point environment.

The floating point environment is a set of status flags, and control modes of a floating-point.

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Method Description
C++ feclearexcept() attempts to clear floating point exception flags
C++ fegetenv() store status of floating point env in an object
C++ fegetexceptflag() gets floating point exception flags
C++ fegetround() gets round direction mode
C++ feholdexcept() saves and clear floating point status flags
C++ feraiseexcept() raises floating point exceptions specified
C++ fesetenv() set floating point environment
C++ fesetexceptflag() sets given floating point exceptions to the env
C++ fesetround() set rounding direction
C++ fetestexcept() tests floating point exception
C++ feupdateenv() updates floating point environment