C++ <cmath> Header

The <cmath> header file declares a set of functions to perform mathematical operations such as: sqrt() to calculate square root, log() to find natural logarithm of a number etc.

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Method Description
C++ abs() returns absolute value of an argument
C++ acos() Returns Inverse cosine a Number
C++ acosh() returns hyperbolic cosine of a number
C++ asin() Returns Inverse Sine a Number
C++ asinh() returns arc hyperbolic sine of a number
C++ atan() Returns Inverse tangent a Number
C++ atan2() Returns Inverse Tangent of a Coordinate
C++ atanh() returns arc hyperbolic tangent of a number
C++ cbrt() Computes Cube Root of a Number
C++ ceil() Return ceiling value of number
C++ copysign() returns num with value of first and sign of second
C++ cos() Returns Cosine of the Argument
C++ cosh() Returns Hyperbolic Cosine of an Angle
C++ exp() returns exponential (e) raised to a number
C++ exp2() Returns 2 raised to a Number
C++ expm1() Returns e raised to Power Minus 1
C++ fabs() returns absolute value of argument
C++ fdim() Returns Positive Different Between Arguments
C++ floor() Returns floor value of decimal number
C++ fma() Returns Fused Multiply–Accumulate
C++ fmax() returns largest among two arguments passed
C++ fmin() returns smallest among two given arguments
C++ fmod() Computes floating point remainder of division
C++ frexp() breaks float to its binary significand
C++ hypot() Returns Square Root of sum of square of Arguments
C++ ilogb() returns integral part of logarithm of |x|
C++ ldexp() returns product of x and 2 raised to the power e
C++ llrint() Rounds argument using current rounding mode
C++ llround() Rounds argument to nearest long long int value
C++ log() Returns Natural Logarithm of a Number
C++ log10() Returns Base 10 Logarithm of a Number
C++ log1p() returns natural logarithm of x+1.
C++ log2() returns base2 logarithm of a number
C++ logb() returns logarithm of |x|
C++ lrint() Rounds argument using current rounding mode
C++ lround() Returns the long int value nearest to the argument
C++ modf() Breaks Number Into Integral and Fractional Part
C++ nan() returns a quiet NaN value
C++ nearbyint() Rounds argument to using current rounding mode
C++ nextafter() returns next value after x in direction of y
C++ nexttoward() returns next value after x in direction of y
C++ pow() Computes Power a Number
C++ remainder() Returns remainder of x/y
C++ remquo() Computer remainder and stores quotient of x/y
C++ rint() Rounds argument using current rounding mode
C++ round() Returns integral value nearest to argument
C++ scalbln() Scales x by FLT_RADIX to the power n
C++ scalbn() Scales x by FLT_RADIX to the power n
C++ sin() Returns Sine of the Argument
C++ sinh() returns hyperbolic sine of an angle
C++ sqrt() Computes Square Root of A Number
C++ tan() Returns Tangent of the Argument
C++ tanh() returns hyperbolic tangent of an angle
C++ trunc() Truncates the demical part of a number