JavaScript Object Class

In JavaScript, an Object is a collection of key/value pairs.

In this reference page, you will find all the built-in methods of Object that will make working with objects much more easier and straightforward. For example, the keys() method returns an array containing the keys of an object.

Javascript Object toLocaleString()

Returns the string representation of Object

Javascript Object.keys()

Returns array of object's enumerable property name

Javascript Object.values()

Return array of object's enumerable property value

Javascript Object.entries()

Returns array of object's enumerable properties

Javascript Object toString()

Returns a string representing the object

Javascript Object valueOf()

Returns the primitive value of specified object

Javascript Object.seal()

Seals the given object

Javascript Object.isSealed()

Determines if an object is sealed

Javascript Object.setPrototypeOf()

Sets prototype of object to another object or null

Javascript Object.isPrototypeOf()

Check if object exists in other objects prototype

Javascript Object.propertyIsEnumerable()

Checks if the specified property is enumerable

Javascript Object.getPrototypeOf()

Returns the prototype of the given object

Javascript Object.create()

Creates new object from given object as prototype

JavaScript Object.assign()

Copies all enumerable own properties to an object

Javascript Object.defineProperties()

Defines properties on an object and returns object

Javascript Object.defineProperty()

Defines property directly on object and return it


Checks if two values are the same value

JavaScript Object.freeze()

Freezes and returns an object

Javascript Object.isFrozen()

Determines if an object is frozen

JavaScript Object hasOwnProperty()

Checks if object has a given property as its own

Javascript Object.preventExtensions()

Prevents new properties from being added to object

JavaScript Object.isExtensible()

Determines if an object is extensible

Javascript Object.fromEntries()

Transforms list of key-value pairs into an object

JavaScript Object getOwnPropertyDescriptor()

Returns property descriptor of own property of obj

JavaScript Object getOwnPropertyDescriptors()

Returns all own property descriptors of an object

JavaScript Object getOwnPropertyNames()

Returns array of all properties found in an object

JavaScript Object getOwnPropertySymbols()

Returns array of all symbol properties in object