Version 1.1.0

Released on March 1, 2021

This release of our Learn C app delivers you a cleaner look to our app. We have fixed small but valuable design issues that is close to the look we always wanted, from home cards to certificate page designs!

We have also fixed an issue where users couldn't restore their subscription after uninstalling the app. You can now enjoy pro mode till the date you subscribed for.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:
Fixed subscription restore on iOS
Fixed design issues

Version 1.0.2

Released on December 22, 2020

With this release, we have put forward a very much needed content correction regarding the styling and indentation in our code compiler. It brought out other issues related to compilation errors in nested loops, which have been cleared out of the way for you to get the best of the resources.

We have also fixed another issue where a bookmark made in the Python app was visible in the C app. But it is with great delight we inform you that no more such hassles in your hustle.

Swipe. Learn. Repeat

Happy Programming!

Bug Fixes and Improvements:
Fixed enter and backspace issues on the compiler
Fixed synced bookmark issue
Corrected content

Version 1.0.1

Released on December 16, 2020

We have exciting news for this build! We have just begun but we are already bringing lots of improvements to the table. We have upgraded the app to the latest version of Flutter! The issue regarding the keyboard where you could not enter a new line has been solved. After course completion and pro purchase, you can now easily download the certificate to flaunt the world!

This release of our app is in close compliance with iOS 14’s Privacy Guidelines. Without getting into bigger terms, what you will see is a simple app transparency consent to the app that is specifically used to manage ads to your taste. Remember, you can always restrict ad tracking from your device.

What's New ?
Upgraded Flutter version
App transparency consent to iOS
Bug Fixes and Improvements:
Fixed "Share" and "Download" buttons
Fixed quiz content
Fixed rate us popup issue

Version 1.0

Released on November 24, 2020

Presenting all-new Learn C Programming: Programiz app!

It is with delight we present the new addition to the family, Learn C Programming: Programiz. Learn C Programming is an interactive app for all C enthusiasts who want to learn C for free! It covers all the fundamentals of the C language with 70+ practical examples and tonnes of quizzes.

The best thing about this app is you can look forward to all the benefits of Programiz Pro right from the start of the app! Long gone are those days where you guys had to wait for certificates, dark mode, unlimited code compilations and so much more. Not only do you NOT get ads but you can skip to any lesson at any time. This C Programming app is here to be the best one yet!

With digestible content, a self-paced learning experience, and all the benefits of distraction-free Programiz Pro, Learn C Programming offers you to master C on the go!

Swipe. Learn. Repeat.

Master C One Step at a Time.

Start your programming journey with us!

What's New ?
Access highly curated C lessons
Explore tonnes of practical hand-picked C examples for beginners
Interactive Quizzes
Bookmark your favorite topics and revisit them anytime
Programiz Pro subscription
Ad-free mode
Dark mode
Unlimited compiler usage
Unlocked lessons
Get Certified